Irvine Among Best Cities to be Quarantined!

It’s not something I would have ever anticipated bragging about, but these are unusual times.

In a recent analysis of the best and the worst cities to be quarantined, Irvine was rated #2 overall and #1 in California!

Zippia, a career resource site, analyzed 99 U.S. cities to determine the best and worst places to be quarantined.

Fast internet, more public green space per 1,000 residents, larger apartments and more takeout options meant the city was ranked higher on the list.

The best five cities were (1) Scottsdale, Arizona, (2) Irvine, California, (3) Las Vegas, Nevada, (4) San Diego, California, and (5) Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Here’s what they had to say about Irvine:

Park Land Per 1k People: 39.1
Broadband Internet: 86.1%
Apartment Size: 912 sq ft
Take-out Options: 1695

In 2nd place, we have Irvine, California. 86% of residents in Irvine had broadband internet– the third highest rate in the nation. That speedy internet means more folks in Irvine can prop their feet up, stream Netflix, and order from one of the many delicious restaurants a stone’s throwaway.

Zippia noted that “Overall, while everyone is struggling with quarantine– residents in some cities have a few advantages to help them cope. Fast internet, spacious apartments, take-out, and beautiful parks don’t make up for the lack of human contact and everyday normality. However, they certainly help. Sure, binge watching Tiger King and ordering no-contact delivery is probably not how you imagined an exciting Saturday night a few months ago, but it could be a lot worse. Don’t believe me? Just imagine spending every day, all day in a studio with dial up, no nearby parks, and a few crummy dining options.”

The worst five cities: Laredo, Texas; Buffalo, New York; Paterson, New Jersey; Hialeah, Florida; and Newark, New Jersey.