Support the Foster Donation Drive to Help Young Animals at the Irvine Animal Care Center!

The Irvine Animal Care Center invites the community to support its Foster Donation Drive, March 1–31, 2019.

Support the center’s new puppies, kittens, and young rabbits, as well as recuperating animals, by donating supplies such as formula, blankets, and toys.

View a complete wish list here or have items shipped directly to the center from the Center’s Amazon Wish List.

The Irvine Animal Care Center’s Foster Care program provides shelter, supplies, food, and veterinary care for animals too young to be spayed or neutered, and those recovering from medical procedures.

Members of the public interested in providing temporary care for young kittens, puppies, and rabbits, or animals recovering from a medical procedure, can learn more about joining the Foster Care program at

The Irvine Animal Care Center is located at 6443 Oak Canyon Road, Irvine CA 92618

For more information, visit or call 949-724-7740.