Make California Great Again! Vote!

In 2016, Steven Choi ran for Assembly with a picture of himself and Donald Trump, saying that he and Trump would “Make California Great Again.”
Here’s how that has worked out:
· More than 220,000 Americans dead of COVID-19 and infections continue to surge, hitting record high numbers eight months into the pandemic. More than 70,000 Californians infected with the coronavirus, but Trump and Choi deny science and have no plan.
· Nearly 17,000 Californians dead so far from COVID-19, but Trump and Choi still have no plan.
· Thousands of California businesses closed, millions of jobs lost, and our economy in shambles, but Trump and Choi still have no plan.
· Trump denies emergency federal aid to California for wildfire victims and first responders. Choi is silent.
· Trumps increases offshore oil drilling on California’s coast, threatening major environmental damage to our ocean and beaches. Trump and Choi take $$$$ from major polluters.
· Trump attacks Mexican Americans and Muslim Americans, calls for building a wall with Mexico and bans entry to U.S. from Muslim countries. Choi agrees with Trump’s wall and his Muslim ban, calls Muslims “unfit for office.”
Trump and Choi have made California sick, not great.
Now it’s our turn to make California great again by voting them out.

Unlike Trump and Choi, I’ll never put our communities at risk.